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I’m a first-generation actor and filmmaker from the bay area.  Prior to acting, I was working in sales. One day, I was sitting in my cubicle, I looked up at the ugly fluorescent lights in the office and felt like they were burning a hole into my soul. So I got up and very calmly asked my boss if she could fire me. She said no, so I quit and 2 weeks later I was unemployed and happy.  After a bit of wandering, I signed up for a casting website in SF after being encouraged by a friend. A few months later, I found myself on a set shooting a re-enactment show. I said to myself, I could do this! So I began studying at Beverly Hills Playhouse (SF). As that was happening, I began performing in theater and film projects around the bay area. Until today, I have continued to study at some amazing studios in Los Angeles and New York City as well. The more I do it, the more I realize how much I love this craft.

Now based in Los Angeles, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on TV shows such as Westworld, Lucifer, and Brooklyn ‘99 as well as the BAFTA-nominated short film Hurria. On stage, I’ve performed with Cornbread Kitchen at Upright Citizens Brigade. As a director, a short-film entitled “Sage” recently won a People’s Choice Award in the 2020 International MusicBed Re-Open Challenge.

I’ll next be on screen in “Get Well,” a comedy pilot alongside Connie Shulman (Orange Is The New Black).

In my free time, I enjoy attempting the ukulele, riding my beaten down bicycle, re-writing the same pilot 385 times, cooking, and watching the San Francisco 49ers disappoint me every year.